Effectiveness of Voucher Schools

This is an interesting article regarding the effectiveness of voucher programs. In all my research, there were very few if any published studies that could conclusively state that they were either effective, ineffective, or neither. The first link demonstrates the lack of evidence/support, and the second link gives an argument as to why that is:


Chile Master PPT Outline

This is the PPT (in PDF format) on Chile which we presented on 12/05:

Chile Master Outline


Social Policy Changes 1973-2001

This is a very interesting/helpful article that touches upon the policy changes with a special focus on education, health, and pensions. Its helpful for getting a overall understanding of how the policy transformed pre-Pinochet and afterwards.

Chile Health Profile

1950-2010, GDP compersion between the latin america and chile


the graph showcases how different political situations in chile affect the gdp of the country verses the rest of the latin american area.

World Bank Country Data Profile

Data for 2000, 2005, 2008-2010.World Bank Chile Profile

2 Interesting Papers (Poverty and Voucher Plan)




Chile Voucher Plan

I have added two papers (see above links). One is about Pinochet’s famous education voucher plan, and the other is about growth, education, poverty, etc. and the importance of government involvement.










Have added the 2009 Assessment Development Report as per the UNDP. Explains some helpful basic country information within a development “mindset.”