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Universal Health Care

This journal article touches upon President Lago’s health care reform “Plan Auge” which aims to address some of the inequality issues by proposing a universal plan:


Health Care article in the Economist

Interesting article that gives a summary of the Chilean healh care system and some of the ways in which in creates inequality:


Health Care Expenditure Data

Similar to the previous post, this data looks at government public expenditure in health care from 1970-2000. Take note of the dramatic increase during Allende’s presidency, and in turn how it plummets at the beginning of the junta’s rule.


Chile’s Neoliberal Health Reform

The Formation of the School Choice Concept

Granted this article primarily is referring to the school choice movement in the US, the concept is still applicable for other nation’s educational movements. Gives a nice summary and discussion on the market concept of school choice, which was a focal point for Pinochet’s reforms.

 Interesting comparison between government education expenditures from 19980-2006. Also it is intersting to look at these figures and consider how they relate and correspond to the social priorities and policies of the various presidents for each period.




Education Privatization and Inequality

This article gives a concise breakdown of the Pinochet’s educational reforms as well as discuss the social stratification that occurs as a result of it based on  the 2001 Chilean Mobility Survey:

Excellent Book

Excellent book from Marcus Taylor that gives very helpful summations of policy reforms starting from pre-Allende to post-Pinochet. Range of topics included are social sector changes, economic climates during different eras, and political players and influences.

History of Chilean Educational Infrastructure

This journal article explain the patterns of development that the educational system has experienced and what aspects were the most critical and crucial in forming the social structure that it is today:

World Bank Institute 1999 Recent Policies Study

Bried section on educational policies in Chile:

OECD 2010 Working Paper on Chilean Schools

Incredibly helpful paper for current statistics and data regarding the 3 types of schooling institutions available in Chile, including obstacles that have been overcome and those that the educational system presently faces: